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Boardroom Technology Solutions

The future is already here especially when it comes to working processes. The modern workplace must be organized, digital and flexible. But switching to modern technology doesn’t mean communicating via mail or our usual messengers, it requires the implementation of special professional solutions that will make life easier for you and the people around you. In this article, we will tell you about the best solutions for the boardroom.

Choose the right combination of microphones and speakers

Any experienced sound engineer will tell you that sound quality is more important for holding a person’s attention than video quality. And it’s true, the sound is the most powerful linking human experience. If the conference in the hall is held live you cannot guarantee high-quality sound all the time and the listeners can simply get distracted from you in case there is some kind of breakdown on the line. So poor sound quality can lead to a dysfunctional environment. 

This problem can be avoided, or at least significantly reduced if you buy the right combination of microphones and speakers. To determine exactly what your conference room needs, look at your surroundings. Any items of furniture such as curtains, carpet, or chairs can affect the sound inside the room as they absorb sound waves. If your boardroom is small and overly furnished, a unidirectional microphone is fine. If it’s spacious, the best solution is to build microphones and speakers into the ceiling.

Install and use an interactive whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard is the most versatile boardroom technology that is widely used around the world. The installation of such a board will greatly facilitate the life of your employees and save your time in the meeting room. These boards help in business meetings in many things, such as brainstorming, workflows, and grading. They help visualize the speaker’s idea and allow you to write directly on it using multiple colors, annotating documents, or websites. 

Companies which provide interactive whiteboard services are also innumerable, take Google Jamboard for example. This whiteboard is 100% Google compatible and so it will be much easier to create Google documents and also includes a stylus and marker to work together in the cloud. 

It is best to choose interactive whiteboards that are 55 to 70 inches wide, but you also need to take into account the size of the board so that it fits well.

Timely and responsive AV repair and support

Setting up AV in a conference room will require regular support and maintenance and you need to know exactly if your IT department can handle it. If you’re not sure, you should add AV setup specialists to your team. Look for someone who can provide you with installation, maintenance, and repair as well as regular updates and training for other employees. To keep your company as organized and systematic as possible, you need a team that is genuinely dedicated to their work, so that your audiovisual equipment runs smoothly and efficiently.